Listen to this old recording please!


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I will tell you, i straight up LOVE this little song thingy.

It was recorded by my friend and me in my basement with a single crap microphone (i believe it was a vocal mic) that we put in the next room with the door open, and i think we put a towel over it try filtering out some of the high-end wash from the cymbals.

I was a youngster, at the tender age of 15, and had been drumming for 3 months, i believe. It's a little sloppy at a couple points, and the "breakdown" speeds up a lot, i know, but i can't help but love the shit out of this.

Oh, and there are no vocals. But tell me what you think!
(if it doesn't work, check later. very, very limited bandwidth!)


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wait... what?! 3 months?? umm I'm sorry but I find that quite hard to believe..

oh and yeah, the song is pwwwetty cool!! I enjoyed it..