linear drumming


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iv just came across linear drumming. iv heard the phrase used before but not actually heard what type of drumming it is. i typed in linear on youtube and got some awesome solo's in the style of linear.

How to start learning the basics of linear drumming?

do you use linear in your playing?
Yeah, I'm a big fan of it, swear by it. There's a podcast about it on pandora. I also watched some videos about liner drumming on you tube, Steve Gadd doing it on 32nds. Did you see Weckl and Coleatuea on stage together? Lethal altogether.


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David Garibaldi has released quite a bit of educational material on this subject. I am reading Timba Funk right now. Many of his grooves are linear in this book.

It's not that complicated to play linear. Ska beats are linear to a large degree.

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Dale":17g5s18y said:
Linear drumming is simply achieved by striking one instrument at a time.
Dale is correct. Linear drumming parts don't overlap each other. One of the books I used to get started on linear drumming is "Advanced Funk Studies".

Dave Weckl, Vinnie and David Garabaldi are huge into linear playing and for me it's a lot of fun and really makes for some interesting rhythms..