Light bass drum beaters?


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I've had my dw 4002 pedal for a while now and It just feels sluggish, I've played a number of cheaper and more expensive double pedals and I noticed I like light beaters so i can get good speed. (the DW 4002 beaters that come on it seem like heavy clunkers to me) so does anyone know any light beaters.... could save me a lot of money if i dont eventually have to get another double pedal.


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im not sure, but it seems like the promark wood beaters would be kind of light. promark has a pretty wide variety of beaters to check out actually.

break the prism

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i've been looking for lighter beaters for my set so i can have the fast, smooth bass drum response that you can't get with huge stock beaters.
but it seems the lighter the beater, the pricier it becomes. Gibraltar light felts go for about 30, 40.00 apiece. Iron Cobra stock beaters are pretty light, but I can never find them sold individually.
wood beaters are nice, and surprisingly less expensive.


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Upgrade your pedals...think about the fluidity of motion..the heavier the beaters the more they swivel and the harder they hit.. with lighter beaters you'll be relying more on a spring tension which when increased to much can cause you to have sloppy hi's (200-230) bpm 16ths but much better lows because theres no lag... so try and find a happy medium


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You should definatly try Iron Cobra beaters. But NOT the plastic ones!! They get warm and mushy and then stick on your head. Even holding the pedal down. The wooden ones are eccelent!! They last for a very long time, you get a real clear sound, and you don't need to worry they tear up your head sooner then felt beaters. ( But I do use falam slams)

If you go to a good musicstore, they are always albe to order the individual beaters directly from tama.

meta L ucas

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puresound speedball beaters,
slug beaters,
bigfoot beaters,
axis beaters(NOT sonic hammers unless you have 2 bass drums),
and iron cobra FELT beaters. (the felt helps with the bounce back. FASTER.)

THOSE ARE THE ONES TO LOOK AT. take my advise and run with it.


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look for SLUG brand. they have a fair number of models. i personaly have fallen in love with their Power Head (with punch colar)*for power and punch* if you want light and still v ery versatile. they have a Power Head JAZZ beater. that actualy works good for other styles. and that thing is super light and super fast. run about 20-30 a pop. check for em cheaper. or musiciansfriend and music123 has em too but they are fairly more expensive


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Ive seen the slug ones before and they interested me. but they look fragile. are then? and those sonic hammers look nice too.