[lexhitreset] - Custom Mapleworks


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C&C snare 7x14 10ply keller maple

mapleworks custom kit
8ply maple keller vss toms, 8ply maple keller traditional bass drum
12x8 rack, 16x14 floor tom, 22x20 kick

cymbals: 2 19" A Custom crashes, 22" A Custom ride, 14" new beat hats, and i alternate them with 14" A Custom top / Z Dyno Bottom hats.

hardware: pearl eliminator, H-1000 hi hat, assorted stands and gibraltar L-rod mount



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Beautiful kit my man!! I am normally not a fan of sparkels but in this case WOW!!!

Where do you find such a kt???


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That's definitely a neat set! Great finish :) The only thing I don't like about it are the offset lugs.

PS - what's that e-kit? Yamaha?


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You got me, I am sorry. I am used to people saying I play 'backwards' that is why I said that.

Again, My apologies


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Very Nice! Maple just has that sound you can't get from anyother Kit. Nice, Deep, Warm & Love'n. With a bit of a BITE.

the rev

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nice set dude

just wondering, how would you compare mapleworks to other high end drum brands (DW, OCDP, pork pie, etc)