less dominant hand exercises...

I Wear Emericas

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So I'm a lefty and basically, I'm alot faster with my left hand. I've heard of some trick that "help" your less dominant hand but I'm not too sure on them.

Things like...
open a door
brushing your teeth
twisting jars

I'm guessing anything that would give you slightly better coordination with your other hand.

Just a thought. :D


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I switch my mouse to the other side now and then- I work on the computer a lot during the day and like to give my right hand a break, but I guess it might be good for the other hand too.

dave lynch

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Jeeezz..No I'm not gonna go there...Haha...I think you all know what I mean...Ewwww...I have noticed this to help..This might sound crazy but when you go to throw something in the waste bascket or maybe throw darts with the other hand it seems to help..But really nothing helps better than alternating rhythems in my opinion..!! Now I need to practice what I preach..LOL