Leg Strength


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Hey everybody. Well, ive been playing for just over two years now and i feel like i am progressing well but my double bass is still really rusty. I think a big part of why ive been having so much trouble is because my left leg is that much weaker than my right one. I was wondering if i might get any hints on improving my leg strength and my speed and accuracy with double bass. I know a good way to help your off-hand is to start doing every day tasks with it, but how could i help my legs? any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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try doing some calf lifts.

Stand on the edge of a stair and slowly lower your heel past the stair level. then slowly (using your calf muscles) raise yourself back up. you can do these one leg at a time or at the same time.

make sure you're stretching before and after you exercise or play.

as for your actual technique: get "Stick Control" by George Lawrence Stone. Apply these sticking groups to your feet. Start slow (45bpm) with a metronome and build up from there.


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all good suggestions. also let me add, if you want to work out, get on an elliptical machine. I've been using one at the gym for about a month now. KILLER.


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As I am working on the same thing, I've got a couple suggestions.
1. More than walking or running, try doing lunges if you have a gym (or even a pair of dumbbells at home). Grab one in each hand and lunge away. Keep your body rigid and concentrate. Will help with your balance too. Squats will help too. Message me or look up the right way to do them. I've ben studying fitness for the better part of a decade. Also try the abductor, adductor machines if your gym has them. Will help with hip flexibility and stamina.
2. In Mounier's video he recommends practicing away from your kit if you can't be on it as often as you would like (which is most of us). Do single stroke rolls heel down, and then lift your heel up and just tap your toes on the ground. Gets a good burn going and also helps to build up endurance. Also helps with ankle flexibility.
3. Ankle weights - never tried it, but sounds like a pretty good idea. Just make sure they don't put too much strain on you if you're not used to them.


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Double Strokes and Paraddidles work. With the diddles, make sure you accent the 1 2 3 4, playing those below something will help your 4 way independence at the same time too.

Also, Calf Raises work well, in your first few weeks of working out, you will see HUGE gains. I just worked out my legs a few days ago and I've already gained some power in my playing.

Also, I saw someone recommend Ankle Weights. They _can_ be good, but you need to be careful, if you try going too heavy too quickly, you can really mess up your ankles.


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Awesome thanks everyone. All great tips. I dont have a gym but i can definitely improvise. Anyway everybody have a good day. thanks again.