Left Foot Clave


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Every music has its key and to be able to play that key while keeping the other 3 limbs doing their thing is hard. I think it is the new wave of playing. If not with that than all that pedal stuff that Thomas Lang does. I am kind of a traditionalist always searching for the funkiest beat. I was wondering what others had to say about this left foot clave and the multi pedal setups that we see more and more nowadays.


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Hey yeah i do have something to say. I think all that Lang stuff is cool but can be unecessary in alot of places. Thats why i like the clave and latin rhythms. The way i see it you can bust out parriddidles and all kinds of stuff but thats not something , in most situations, people like to hear or even really notice. The reason you learn that stuff is because it makes your independence bettter therefore when you play the clave your able to keep the rhythm going to matter what.
So i think the lang stuff is important to learn but its more of like exercise stuff more than something that sounds groovey that people wanna hear and stuff.


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the lang stuff is right up my alley.
step 1-get that kind of control.
step 2-apply musically like I'm an entire percussion section and get that into that into the music I play.
For simpler forms of music or if that's not your style then don't do the stuff. I like the clave stuff, but see that as more a starting place than an end point.
I see the future of drumming in the lang stuff, but the future will most likely have more than that to offer as well. I never tire of a good grove, but the things that inspire my are the multi-pedal interdependance stuff.

While lang deservedly so gets his name dropped a lot, I think marco minnemann deserves a little more attention, he has a little less technical ability but also has uses his cordination abilities in a very unique way.


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yea...minneman is good...holmes, sanchez, bozzio

I just like the el negro stuff...he's soo good. Weckl is the other one...those two together are probably the best recently in terms of style....just an opinion/

that independance stuff is the future of drumming though w/ the multi pedals...


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Don't forget Grant Collins!
He's taken the independence thing and run with it.
Mind you- Grant can groove as well. I've seen him in action with a jazz quartet, and he carves it up!