Laying down my drum tracks this afternoon in the studio.....

Reverend Chainsaw

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Ok here is the deal. My band HYDROZEEN is one song away from rapping up the recording process.
2 weeks ago we recorded the song “Mojo Messiah” in the studio together, instead of doing separate tracks.
And there is absolutely no room for error when recording a song this way. After recording the song at least 7 times we finally got the perfect take. But I had fucked up a fill towards the end of the song, and all of the guys and the producer said that error does not sound to bad. And could be messed with during the mix. Well, the option came open when I was asked if I could re-record my drum tracks and dumping the original, buy using the original scratch track. And I said no problem!!!!
Now, I am a little bit nervous on recording today, because I have never recorded over scratch tracks before. All of the times I have recorded its been a complete band setup, with the bass and guitars plugging in direct to the board, so we have good clean drum tracks.
Fuck, all of the pressure is on me now!!!!!

LOL, anyways that is my little rant for today. I will write back tonight when I get home from the studio.


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Crank up the monitor mix and plan on doing 7 more takes. A pain in the ass but not impossible. Recording is problem solving in a way, that's kinda why I think it's fun.


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Reverend Chainsaw":3pipa389 said:
trstn":3pipa389 said:
In one of his movies the carlifornian govenor once said:

Does that include smoking a bowl before I start jamming away?
ha .. :) depends on how you feel with playing stoned. In the times I took deep looks into glassy things I tend to not to do that before any gig or recording session, because it messed up my timing and I needed to fight myself through it. If you are used to play floating a few millimeters above ground, why not. I'm not going to do that anymore. I only have a Jaegermeister just before the show, to qoute Ford "Muscle Relaxant, you'll need it"...



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the only advice I can give you is to not get aggrivated. Expect to do it 50 times or more, and then when you only do it 10 you won't be dissapointed. Walk in with an open head, and stay cool about everything. And most importntly...DOnt settle for a less than perfect take, just because your getting tired. when you get tired, take a break. go get some freash air, and maybe listen to a song you like with some killer drum solos.

Reverend Chainsaw

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Shit, if it goes that easy today, then maybe I will re-record everything. I was on a different Allegera drumset for everysong ecept for Mojo Messiah.
I so can not wait to s hare the finish product to all you folks.
God damn do I love my Allegra's!

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Just close your eyes and Imagine! Imagine you are playing with the whole band. Imagine you are playing flawless! It will happen!

Reverend Chainsaw

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Here is the story on what went down last Thursday in the studio.
There was no way I could sink up. So this Thursday everything is getting re-recorded, except for the vocals. Playing live is a breeze, as long no one fucks up.
Updates to come!