Latest MM Kit


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Yeah I think the rack tom is 12x8, snare is 5.5x14, FT is 16x16 and bass drum is 18x18. I don't remember the exact specs.


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Is that the wood grain that I'm seeing or is that part of the finish?

If it's the actual grain, then that's possibly the best black I've ever seen.


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SlackBackLazy":23gl61mu said:
i love the way the matt black and the really shiny gold complement each other, very pretty
I knew a guy in high school named Matt Black. Matte black is a sweet finish. haha.

I'm just messin' with you tho, dude.

And yeah that's the best black I've ever seen, usually black stains look brown or purpley. I hope he lives in a low-humidity area because it's a shame he has to store those in the garage.

Top Notch P.J.