Larry Gorman of Glassjaw


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Alright, i really would like to know what you guys all think of him... Personally, he is one of my favorite drummers of all time and has had a huge impact on the way i play today.

The best way to experience him is to go grab a copy of Glassjaw's 2000 album Worship & Tribute. Musically, the whole CD is phenomenal, with tracks ranging from pulse-pounding hardcore to straight up punky rock to trance-inducing melodic... This album has something for almost everybody.

But no matter the song, Larry Gorman's tasty drumming fits the bill. He captures the mood and vibe of each song and adds exactly what it needs, throwing in some pulse-pounding rock beats to get your head bobbing to rhythmic tribal beats to get you swaying. Nothing ever feels unnecessary or overly flashy, but help create the song into a complete sonic experience like no other band i know.

Here are a couple vids:
Must Have Run All Day

Mu Empire

Two Tabs of Mescaline

I wish these AOL Sessions vids had better sound quality, and wish they'd show him drummer more, but it's the best i can find. Other great songs from the CD are Gilette Cavalcade of Sports and Trailer Park Jesus.

I would strongly recommend this CD to any drummer looking for a good example of what a drummer's job is. Also, he's a single bass player. He also does all the drums for Head Automatica, Daryl's project after Glassjaw.


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Seems like a solid drummer. Nothing real fancy but fits the style and the band that he is playing with. All in all that's what counts! Peace.