Korg MA-30: A decent metronome at a reasonable price?


New member
Since my last metronome spontaneously stopped working about a month ago, I've been looking for something decent, preferably under $50. I really don't need anything too fancy, but I get a little picky on certain features. For example, the Korg MA-30 would be almost ideal. It has the tap feature (not a must have on my list, but nice either way), good range of rhythms and beats, and the simple things like volume control, headphone jack, and it's not too bulky. The only turn-off for me is that the it only gets up to 208 BPM. Every now and then, I would like to go up to 220+. Does anyone have any experience with this metronome? I was wondering if it would be effective if I set the tempo at 110 BPM and mess with the different rhythms and get something that would fill my needs. Or, if you know of another metronome that would be better, let me know.