Kit Constructor Program For Any Who Don't Have It Yet

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For anyone who doesn't have it yet, I have given the Zip file of the drumkit constructor program a permanent home on one of my personal servers. Click on the link for the download.

To make this run properly on Windows XP based systems, you'll need to create a new folder on your desktop, then extract all the files from the .zip file into that folder.

Once that's done, open the new folder on your desktop and look for a pair of files called "StartKC". Double-click on the one that is a Windows NT Command Script. You can find out which one it is by hovering your mouse over each one. A small identifier window will pop up with a file description in it. One is an MS-DOS batch file, the other is the WinNT Command Script. That's the one you want to run.

Let the program load fully. For all practical purposes, just double click, and when you see the graphic window open, count to 10 slowly, then enjoy!

Windows Vista users, it should work the same way, based on the research that I did. I don't use Vista, so I'm not sure.

This program apparently is NOT compatible with Macs. Sorry folks, I didn't create it, I'm just hosting it.

By the way, I did lock this thread, because I wanted it to be neat and clean and easy to find, so folks new to the site don't have to browse through 10 pages of comments to find the file to download.

If you have any questions, please just PM me or post in the new "Questions About Kit Constructor" thread that is pinned above this topic.

You're welcome.
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