Kind of Uncomfortable Sitting.


New member

I'm sort of tall, and I can't seem to get comfortable sitting at the drums. I have pretty good posture, and sit up straight. But I scoot up, and feel cramped....scoot back, and feel too far away...I've raised and lowered the snare, but I keep hitting my leg/thigh. I think my seat is at a level where my legs are pretty much at a right angle horizontally......I don't know, just can't get comfortable.

I never notice that I'm tall except when I sit at my drums. It's just a pretty standard size kit. For some reason it always feels pretty awkward. I wonder if I'd feel the same if I moved up to larger sizes, like a 24" or 26" kick, if that would change anything.

So any suggestions on snare height/seat height would be appreciated. Mainly seems like my legs distance me from the kit or something.