Kick Drum Skin HELP


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I have a 28" DW kick Drum, can you guys help me out with a better skin to choose. I am using a REMO ambassador skin right now.

And any tuning tricks with something this big would be helpfull



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umm what side is the REMO ambassador on? the front? or the batter? (the side the pedal strikes)
i dont recommend an ambassador for the batter, for the front its great.
i would go for a REMO powerstroke III for the batter side, its the perfect bass drum head if your looking for tht perfect 'Deep Kick' out of your bass drum :D

and for the tuning of your drum this site MAY help, cant say it will %100 tho since you got a big drum there :)

Hope this helps!! 8)



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OMG a marching head plus a soft woolen beater(like the Vintage bomber from Vater) should give you a sweet vintage sound. After all, kick drums were convertedmarching bass drums.


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put the bass drum head on the drum. finger tightenit stand on it ( only do this if you think your not heavy enuff to stand on it. or you'll go through it. if you arent on the skinny side put it on a bed lean over it and using your fist push hard down on the skin and tighten all the wrinkles out. with a drum key (still keeping pressure with your other fist.) once thats done if your bass drum needs more focus or punch tighten it up :D.

experiment have fun.
METALCHRIS":1yle3zu1 said:
I wonder what a marching bass drum skin ( EVANS MX2 )

would sound like?
i used a pearl marching bass head that my brother stole from his school...........sucked, but you could hear it from a mile away


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Can I get some more opinions on this subject.

I know how to tune a kit, but a little help with a kick drum this big (28") would be appreciated.

And as for BATTER head skins any help would be great.
I know most people like the single ply on the bottom, non beater side, but i put a powerstroke III on both sides, clear on batter and ebony on bottom.
Tighten the lugs on the bottom, non beater side snug, just enough to get the wrinkles out.
Then on the bater side, double the tension or almost double. You want the non beater side to be tight , but not real tight, hope this helps.

Also i go over the whole skin, just about where remo puts the pinstripe on there pinstrips and wack its near every lug, it should be close in tone all the way around.

My bass , sounds fat low and bad ass.