just asking for advice

Hi folks

I am a very inexpeirenced drummer i've never had a lesson and have a poor qaulity kit. I can play some beats just not like some drummers out there who can steal the show.

I have no idea how to read tabs could some one explain tabs to me in the simpliest form possible

i love playing drums and want to learn more stuff but i can't afford lessons.

i love heavy metal music so i've mainly been influenced by people like

dave lombardo: slayer
bill ward: black sabbath
joey jordison: slipknot
vinnie paul : pantera
roy mayorga: stone sour
igor cavalera: sepultura
lars ulrich: metallica
keith moon: ( i know not metal) the who

i look up to these players because they have created some terrific songs and love to be able to play like them

does any one have any simple explained beats i can learn to play and also does any one have any advice for double bass technique i can't seem to keep it up and my pedal is made by stagg does any one have any advice in general for me?

i know its a lot to take in haha just looking for some help


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Well, warrington drummer, welcome to the wonderful (and very frustrating) world of drumming. I'm by no means a tab guy, so I'll let someone else handle that part of the question for you.

But as for your double-kick skills, there's only one answer: PRACTICE. That is the only way that you'll get better. There is no easy way to do it, there's no shortcut, no magic pill to take to make it happen. Any double-kick user will tell you that, whether it's Joey Jordison or Gene Hoglan or Dave Lombardo or even Louie Bellson. Practicing is the only way to make yourself get better.

Outside of that, here are a few tips:

-Don't be afraid to use the internet for research. There are lots of drumming websites out there with a wealth of information to help you. Look them up. Make Google your friend.

-Invest in a good metronome. That will assist you in keeping your playing solid, steady, and at tempo. There's nothing worse than someone who can play lightning-fast double bass, but has no tempo control when they do it.

-Find another drummer that is experienced, and have them go over your Stagg pedal with you. Make sure that it's "tuned" (or set) for optimum efficiency for your style of playing.

-Save your money, and upgrade where you can. Sure, a new Axis pedal or Trick pedal would be nice, but if a Pearl Eliminator, Tama Iron Cobra, or Yamaha Flying Dragon is more within your range, then go for it. If you are not a good drummer, it won't matter if you're playing on trash cans or a custom-built $25,000 DW kit, it'll still sound like crap.

-If you don't have a lot of money, make sure and check out E-bay. You'll find a TON of cool gear on there with affordable prices.

Good luck, and remember...PRACTICE!


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There are tons of great videos by well know drummers and educators that you can find at your local big box retailer like Sam Ash or Guitar Center. If there is a local drum shop near you, go there first. The great thing about videos is that you can pay once for this master class and then study at your own pace. Start now and build your library!!

Some good ones to start with:

Dave Weckle's "Back to Basics" and "The Next Step" are great for beginning students.
Any Thomas Lang or Terry Bozzio dvd will show you all the possibilities, but may make you want to quit!!

Most of this stuff can be scene on youtube, but you'll want to own this stuff so you can watch again and again.

Don't worry so much about gear just yet. Learn to play first.