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I was just reading the forum and was thinking how glad I am to be a drummer. I’ve been playing drums for about 30 years and I also play the guitar and sing but the drumming community is so much more tighter then any other. I’ve noticed that once you find out that someone else is a drummer, your instantly brothers, so willing to watch and learn or help each other out. That’s almost non-existent with other musicians. I still learn so much by reading this forum and from other drummers, young and old. Thank you all for your incite and brotherhood!


Keep it tight!



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hell yeah dude i feel you on that. there is nothing tighter than a drumming brotherhood. im glad to hear someone out there just voicing up and letting everyone know how the drumming community should be. play on dude!


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and for proof just look at everyones replies
it just seems like all the drummers ive met are the least egotistical, friendly, and just plain helpful group of people

i wonder if gandhi played drums...

w00t drums

love 'em to death


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i was just finishing a phone conversation with a fellow drummer when i read this, and its oh so true :D
we were just talking about when i can drop by to help him out with some drum tech stuff
ill help a drummer brother anytime, but with most guitarists for exaple they will help each other with gear problems mostly when money is involved...
with most of us drummers its simply the passion :)
keep it real yall


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I agree drummer's are verry supportave of each other much more than anything I have ever been involved with in my life. After over 35 years of studying martial arts and surviving all the injuries of burses ,sprains,broken bones,stitches it finaly has taken it's toll on my body.
So I decided to take on another prodject that I could take on to keep my mind body and spirit in harmony so at the age of 44 I bought my verry first drum kit,hihat and cymbals. I was fourunate enugh to meet Steve Smith at a drum clinic he gave here in our small little town. With his advice and insperation I'm hooked on the musical voice of the drumming world. Dont get me wrong I kinda suck.LOL However I have never met anyone who was'nt supportave of me no matter what thier age or expreiance.
I only wish I would have played drums instead of the trumpet when I was in school atleast I have the basic consept of time and music . There is so much to learn and I look forward to it for the rest of my life!!!


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Yeah i agree. Thats what i love about this website, everybody is willing to help me kindly on every question and problem i have. It really makes you feel good deep down inside!


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Right on man! I've met like 5 guys in the past couple weeks that used to be drummers and I instantly felt like we were best friends... I just had to get their names again because I'm really bad about that and I forget people's names like 5 seconds after hearing them.

But yeah, drummers own. One day we'll rule the world!


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notice the traffic on this site compared to the affiliated guitar and bass sites?

i just noticed the other day when i jumped over outta curiosity....those sites are dead in comparison.

My gf is a vocalist in a great jazz choir....and when they perform i always find myself glued to the drummer (duh) and buggin him after the show....he's always very nice...

the guy that sold me my kit worked for a larger franchise before he opened his own store http://acousticdrumshop.com/index.html ... he says he loves when i come to his store now because the excitement i have for drumming gets him excited too lol...

i've met a couple other drummers and it's true...you form this instant kinda bond with them.

my roomate just went out- guess where i'm going :D