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DM Custom Drums are pleased to welcome John Clark from the laid back ambient/pop/jazz band Saville, as their first product endorser.

Saville, who perform a groundbreaking innovative mix of old jazz, technology, laid back musicianship and classic song writing are currently signed to Funky Business Music and have just released 'All Inside Out' which is currently available from and for a short time for UK residents only at the Saville website..

John has used various DM Drums for over two years and exclusively on Saville’s latest release. Clark commented, "On this particular album there were so many different drum sounds that were needed, but we manage to coax them all from the custom drums that Dave and Mike at DM put together. My particular favourite is the 16 x 16 kick drum that we managed to get a huge sound from".

Mike Ellis from DM Drums said; “We are very pleased to have John on board and extremely proud that the drummer from such a refined and outstandingly talented band has chosen our drums.”

Dave Hughes director of DM Drums said "Welcome aboard John. We are looking forward to working with you."

John Clark is a UK based drummer who currently performs as an independent and also with Saville. A seasoned studio performer, he has an eclectic musical taste and far too many cymbals.

DM Drums are UK based custom drum builders specialising in hand built drums and kits to customer’s specification.

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