[Jiyo] - My Custom Drums


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This is my Custom set made by Precision Drum co.
10x8 tom tom
12x12 tom tom
14x14 tom tom
16X18 Fl tom
20x22 Bass drum
6 1/2x14 snare
(2)4x14 Picalo snares

All my Toms are 6 ply maple shells, my bass drum is 8 ply and my snares are all 10 ply maple shells and they are all wrapped with a Peacock Satin wrap with one Purple Sparkle Picalo snare all with Black hardware.

I use all Zildjan "Z" series cymbals
6 zee bell
8 zee bell
8 splash
12 splash
14 rock Hi Hat
16 rock crash
17 rock crash
18 rock crash
18 chinaboy
19 rock crash
21 big bell ride

Conected to a custom black rack system with black DW Hardware and Pedals
Hope you enjoy!



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I love the deep kick and the deep toms it gives me a thunderous heavy sound! I have gotten a tremendous amount of compliments on the way my drums sound! Wait till you see the new custom kit I'm working on it will be one for the ages I promise you that! It will be done very soon! Keep it Real n Rockin! [/b]


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enthralled-by-demons":27225zvx said:
nice kit man, though deep kicks aren't my thing, i prefer a 14" deep dick, classic style, with a aquarian super kick III on it.
Wow, I happen to have a "classic style 14" deep dick". ; )


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very cool and unique coloration! I dig the setup~
Precision makes some great gear.