[JimmiRock] - Pearl MMX


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before the finishing touches

MMX shell pack

10,12,14,16 rack toms
18 x 22 kick
14 x 6.5 ian paice sig snare
pearl advanced hardware
iron cobra hat and double kick pedals
big fat tama throne with flame on the back
14" mastersounds
17" a projection crash
18" a projection crash
21" k ride


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Dude awesome kit...Awesome-er cymbals!! haha

How do you like those projection crashes?? I've contemplated getting one for a long time. what styles of music are they good for? I always wanted to get a 15" and a 17"...
Also, hows the K ride?? I always loved how the K's sounded...is it versatile? good bell sound?

Once again, great rig. It looks like itd be fun as hell to play.
I'm impressed.


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i love the projections, they're thick enough to take a beating with out being too heavy and so crisp! Personally i think they're stunning rock crashes and pretty versatile for most playing.

The K ride...she's yummy! a sexy pingy wash and powerful bell! not the best bell but she's up there!

i love my hats..the mastersounds are killer so chuncky yet neat when needed!

i'll add more to the set up when i pay off this lot...lol

cheers dude!! :)