Jazz Snare


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Currently I do alot of rock and funk drumming. So my main snare is a Yamaha copper shell, and it cracks like no other snare can and still has a warm full sound. It is the best snare for me in these styles.

But, as of late I have reunited with a old jazz group I played with in highschool. We have been playing and thinking about taking it to some clubs. Regardless of whether that happens or not, my love of playing in the style has been relighted and stronger then ever. But a copper shell does not fit the mold of this.

When I use to play alot of jazz I used a old ludwig, but that entire kit was given to my young cousin so he could start playing. All and all it was a ok drum for the style, but I am looking for something that really fits.

Obviously I am going to probably have to go wood, but I was wondering what wood? Birch is the exact polar opposite of my copper in the snare spectrum, and probably would work, but who makes a good birch?

Basically I am asking for a call to all Big Band jazz drummers out there, what is your snare? I have a 5 piece Gretsch maple renown kit, if anyone has played this kit and knows some drums with good chemistry with it.