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i use a janus double pedal and am really happy with it, am thinking of upgrading but several drummers have said to me they love janus aswell just a thought out there x


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FelterSkelter":20x1j8p4 said:
Is this the pedal which integrates a high hat into the double bass?
You can get it in either configuration.

The dual hihat/double pedal looks pretty nifty, I wonder how easy it would be to slip your foot and accidentally change it and start playing double bass when you're on hihat work....


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I thought it was an awesome idea but I wondered about misfiring the hat or kick. Another thing that I worry about is if your high hat section breaks, you're then out of a pedal and a high hat.
I've only tried them for a few minutes but I'm sure you can get used to it.


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Eiren":1ct7dijw said:
I saw one of these for sale recently, and I couldn't work out two things:

1) How do you flick it from one mode to other?
If you look at the left pedal in the displayed image very carefully, you'll see small dark grey vertical plates on either side of the footboard, where the widest part of your foot would be. You slide your foot to the right, and the entire footboard moves to the double-bass setting. Sliding your foot to the left, and you go back to the hats.



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ive a janus double pedal set and they still great pedals now using pearl elims. about the transmission hat ive played with one in my local drum store and its a cool idea it doesnt slip you have to make a strong jerk with your foot and it moves and clicks into place with double pedal then you jerk it back the opposite way and bam back to the hi hat.

its a class idea but not useful for ppl who use there feet alot and in fast situations. its either doubles or hihat.


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I was tempted at one point to put a "clutch" like this onto my set. But I found honestly....? I found the design sucked....

The way I've seen these work is you have to open the hats... or "release" tension from the pedal, then click the plate to the right... providing your changing from hi-hat play to double kick stuffs. The sides of the pedal have guards on them.. Kinda like Tama's iron cobra's toe guard. Plus the click over is NEVER smooth. You can feel the gear inside grinding against itself as you clutch it over.

I've found its easier to use your toes to keep the hats closed and use your heel to work the slave pedal.

In conclusion?: "clutch" or "hybrid" or whatever stands suck... They limit you too much. I donnt wanna have to take my foot off and "clutch" the pedal over... Thats precious time lost from ANY count. And every drummer hates that empty space between hits.