It finally arrived!!!!


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k, I know this should probably be in the snares section, but I only pretty much use this section of the forum so, bugger it, I'll put this thread here.

My Ludwig Black Beauty snare has finally arrived!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! After waiting 4 MONTHS it's now sitting right next to me :D :D :D :D

Haven't had the chance to play on it yet (saving it for next practice. want the first strike to be a meaningful one rather than just a casual hit. Weird thinking, I know, but it's just so lovely!!!!)

I swear though, this snare is probably sexier than most men I've ever known... :lol:

Sorry, just had to let that all out. It's like being a kid again at christmas. Will get a pic and put it up here when I figure out how the digital camera works...

Sarah x