Istanbul cymbals!!!


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I have heard very good things about Istanbul cymbals and i just want to know how you feel about them as well as some suggestions. I want to know what you feel the better sounding of the series is because I think I may get some. :D


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I don't know much about them, except that they look pretty sweet!
Not many people use them, but I know of a few that do, including one of my fav. drummers: Matt McDonough
I'd definitely get my hands on some if I had the money


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Every Istanbul Agop and Alchemy professional series sounds equaly good as far as quality is concerned. I owned and own cymbals from almost all series from Agop/Alchemy. Search the forum, there have been many topic on the subject.


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I use Istanbull 22" TRADITIONAL Rides Medium and it's the best ride i ever used. it is awesome cos also it can be used as a crash!


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The istanbul line sounds absofuckinglutely incredible and i'll stand by this till the day i die. currently im using zildjian a customs (which have great projection) but soon i want to upgrade to Paiste sigs. I was debating on upgrading to the istanbul line, but unfortunately i'm in love with the Paiste sound :(