Istanbul Cymbal Sound Samples?


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I have tried looking all over the internet to find sound samples for Istanbul (Mehmet and/or Alchemy) and I can't find crap. I am especially interested in an Istanbul Mehmet 20" Empire Ride, an Istanbul Mehmet 20" Turk Ride, or a Istanbul Mehmet 20" Sultan Ride. If someone could post a link for a site that has Istanbul cymbal sound samples(Mehmet and/or Alchemy) or for the cymbals I just posted then please post a link for them. Or if anyone can post the cymbal set up for drummers Seven Antonopoulos and Matt McDonough. I would also appreciate that too. :D


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I currently have a few Istambul Mehmet Traditionals and Sultans mixed in with my Zildjians. They sound quite nice. Probably the best deal I have found on Istanbul cymbals is "". Try ""? It may be "". I think "" has sound samples too. They specialize in Instanbul and Bosphorus cymbals.