Isolation In Infamy(Metal)


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Isolation In Infamy
California Black/Death Metal

This is a video of our intro and our first song "Unison Of Beasts".
I'm not using anything but my trigger(no snare mic this time).


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wow, great shit.
any tips on how to get my feet that fast? i kno practice practice and all that. but do you use heels up or down? swivel method? double swivel? and what pedals do you use?


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I have some Iron Cobra Power Glides.
I use a mixture of the swivel technique and my own kind of heel dip for more power.
It's only about 220 in 16th notes in the video but if you get good enough, you can hit up to about 250.

What I used to do for practice was sit in front of the TV and just watch something really interesting to keep my mind off of the boredom and frustration of practicing constantly. I would bring my kick drum, a practice pad, and a pair of closed hi-hats into the living room and just watch a movie all the way through. It's a good 2 hours of practice, which is the ordinary drummer's work-out.

Now that I feel somewhat passed that point in my workouts, I tend to practice patterns.
I'll try to get some videos on youtube if the guy that recorded those 2 videos lets me borrow his camera.
Practice at least an hour a day, you'll find yourself getting used to the speed and you'll eventually play cleaner and longer without a glitch.


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there's way too much blasting and double kicking going on.....
and I wouldn't have it any other way lol. nice shit, tight foot work.
are you playing outside on both vids?