Is this Mapex double bass drumset any good?


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for $700 i dont think you are going to find a new 7-piece double bass set no matter what name or brand that is going to be "good". but hey, try it somewhere, if u like the sound, then it is good...


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ive played this kit. with good heads and good technique, it sounds okay. mapex is a good company so even their lower end kits arent bad.


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I love my Mapex, although I have no experience with "Basswood", not even sure what that is. But, anyway, sounds like a hell of a deal.


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if you think you'll really need that many toms go for it but remember if you want it to sound good you'll need better drum heads than the ones you get with the kit! and with 7 piece kit thats your talking min $70+ for your heads.

if i was yourself id spend an extra $200 and get a better kit you'll see hear the difference straight away!


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Basswood is a bit dull sounding - not sharp as birch or full like maple - but not bad. Pro heads will drastically improve the sound.

My concerns about the kit would be the extra kick because it will make the kit cumbersome for most bar/clubs stages. If I were you, I would go with a Mapex QR series (cooler looking finishes) and add a double pedal.

Edit: Sorry, didn't saw that the 7-pcs kit was a QR. Anyways, I really like their wrap finishes and the ITS mountings (same as in Pro-Ms) really works. My wife's sister is looking for a kit for her daughter and I'm recommending her this same kit.