is there anyone electronic in here ?


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Im using an elec. drum kit (Yamaha DTXplorer).
if there is anybody around using electronic kits, please talk to me. I have several things to discuss.
by the way,
I am Alex John, 28 m from Dubai

Rob Crisp

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I have a DTXpress which I use, although I;m not the biggest electronics buff.

What did you want to know?


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Hey rob,
thanx for the reply.
is tehre anyway I can chock my symbols ??
I was so used to the habit of chiocking them when i was on an accustic kit. I even used it to make beats with chocking :D

but yamaha dtxplorer really disappointed me :(

and another thing, is it safe to transport the kit around ?
I have to move it around atleast 3 times a week. when i do that, I just remove the symbols and fold the other pads so that it will go in my car trunk. Do you think its safe ?

and the most important question.

I use a normal "Creative Computer speaker " for the output at home. recently I lost one of the speakers, bcos, accidently I turned the volume up so much.I know U'll laugh about it, but I dont know which is the best powered speaker for home use.
can u propose a model ?? what do u use ?

thanx buddy.
I know its a lotta questions but there are very few ppl out there to answer dump questions like that. :D

I hope U dont mind.



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i think the roland v stage series is great for recording and yamaha electric kits are awsome. but theres nothing like the real thing


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You are right,
there is nothing like the real stuff.
but in a country like UAE, u need to be very carefull bout your neibours and such.
cant practice an accustic kit here.


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I own a Roland TD-12S. I think the V-Drum series (maybe Pintech with a Roland module), are the only electronic drums that allow cymbal choking. You may want to consider the V-Drums if you need that feature. It's more expensive, but a big jump in features and performance. The mesh heads have a more realistic feel than the rubber mats, although, they still feel a little springy,to me. That being said, the cymbals feel great, and the swing feature makes it feel like you're laying into a real cymbal.

Regarding acoustic vs. electronic, you may want to buy an acoustic set, as well. In many live situations, the musicians I've played with have preferred my acoustic set over an electronic set.


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Thanx buddy.
I found a Yamaha with chockable cymbals.
but here in an exhibition, I saw a guy using an accustic Crash and Hi hat with mics attached to them.
Normally I wouldnt say this, but that combination was awsome.I really thought it was some kinda pluggins with his yamaha dtxplorer. but when i went closer, I was like "WOW!! its accustic !"
ppl, if u have anything bout this, please...
That guy was using yamaha dtxplorer + some yamaha accustic kit.


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alexmaxjohn":wttmtjwo said:
but here in an exhibition, I saw a guy using an accustic Crash and Hi hat with mics attached to them.
ppl, if u have anything bout this, please...
Lots of people are using 'hybrid kits' these days; acoustic kits with electronic elements, or vice-versa.
here's a previous thread about it: ... ght=hybrid

most E-drum users still find the cymbal tones lacking a bit, and many choose to use acoustic cymbals instead of triggers.


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Sorry Boss,
Its not the best kit in the world.
its just an affordable-not too bad kit.
but i appreciate your spirit.
Ive been trying to get a chockable cymbal for this thing. but i couldnt. its been 6-7 months.
Now im using an accustic cymbal.

keith bushey

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I bought 2 Roland TD-3's and joined them together to mimick my Mapex 9 pc kit. The TD-3's come with chokable cymbols and work great. Remember that to have "chokable" cymbols, they have to be dual-zone cymbol with a chokable rim. I love to practice at least 2-3 hrs a day, every day, thats why I invested the money on 2 kits. No regretts with Roland, their sweet!


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I was playing the V drums live for one gig...if I ever did it again, I would used real cymbals and Hats.
The leader insisted on having me use the Electronic Cymbals.

As for should at least you a bass amp or keyboard amp if you're not going to use a PA speaker.


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yamaha dtxplore is better than roland td-3, my friend.
there is a comparison available in the net, just google yamaha dtxplore roland td3.


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So, I noticed a couple of those "yeah, but acoustic kits are better, nothing like the real thing" comments in here.


Playing an electronic kit as a midi controller hooked up to a sampler or computer running something like Ableton Live will enable you to challenge the traditional role of what a drummer does. Just look at Bill Bruford with King Crimson in the 80's and the melodic/percussive way he approached drumming for that band. He didn't even use a hihat. There's something to be said for breaking out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to be creative.


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oh and for the record, I hate electronic cymbal sounds that try to mimic acoustic ones. Love to use things like a sampled 808 hihat and such tho.

I'm kind of weird in that I usually don't combine acoustic and electronic drums. I approach the two as completely different instruments with different purposes. There's been times where I've used an octapad in conjunction with an acoustic kit, but it just feels strange to me.