is their a line you could compare to the k's?


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im gonna invest in some saludas, and want to know if their is a line that can be compared to K's or A's,

any help please?


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I've heard some say the earthworks match up with the A's well. You should send Jamie an email and tell him what you are looking for.


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If you do some searching on past posts by Timekeep69 here on DML, there is a post where PJ breaks down the Saluda cymbals and their comparable sounds in relation to other brands.


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Mist -x is like a-customs/AAX
Earthworks can be made to sound like anything just -email -jamie what you are looking for.
Diamonds are the Ks of Saluda
I hit the rock crash and thought it sounded like a gong! :shock: the only thing I would consider buying from the Z Customs would be their Master Sounds. but then again I would end up just getting A Custom Master Sounds.


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AmnestysLowEnd":2y07u317 said:
they sound pingy to anyone with a good mind and ears! :lol:

its funny, from what i understand Z's are suposed to be more good for endurance, i blew a hole through my mastersound z custom

but i have a z custom 20 in ride, sounds great as a crash