Is the Pulse Piccolo good?


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I also saw this Ludwigh snare for like 60 or 70 bucks. A steel shell (14x5) I think but it's only on music123. Is that good too.


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DRUMSMYWIFE":2v9ybt6o said:
I wanted it becase it is cheap. Or is there anything under $100.00 that is better?
i got one for christmas a couple years ago because the one at my curch sounded pretty good. i got frusterated with mine cuz i couldnt get it to sound right. havent used it since haha.


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i bought that snare as a joke. i beat the crap out of it and even with new heads its not that great. if you want a piccolo snare thats worth playing PDP makes one for around $70 and pearl makes a great one for $115.


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go Tama, all the way. I don't even like the company too much, but their steel shell piccolos are ALL way sweet sounding, and super cheap.

if you don't like ringing, grab a pack of moon gels. :D

Brian L

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trust me, I know pulse, and pretty much all their stuff is cheap. The only thing that I still use that is pulse aside from the shells, is the crash/ride. I kind want to hang on to it because its so far is my favorite ride. sorry, anyway, I wouldnt get the pulse piccolo snare. unless you really want to try it, then give it ago. just saying, theres a reason why its under 100 dollars