is the pedal suppose to leave small dent marks on the hoop?


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when attach my bass drum pedal to the hoop, it seems that if i dont tighten it enough it'll move when I really get going on the 16th notes, but if its too tight the teeth of the pedal will bight into the hoop. its a full birch hoop, so i cant expect it not the leave a small indent, and it is on a rug too.

so how do i prevent the teeth of the pedal leaving marks into the hoop?


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You could always put a thin piece of cardboard between the hoop and the pedal clamp - this wont affect the pedal, but will simply put some distance between the hoop and clamp, hopefully eliminating the teeth marks.


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No don't clamp it bare on the hoop, it will damage it!

you can get hoop protecters that stop this from occuring, what it is is a little patch of like grip tape that sticks onto the hoop that stops the clamp leaving marks they are dirt cheap from any drum store