Is it the Brain or the Triggers


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I recently bought the Lloyd Audion LA7000 kit off Ebay. I figured it would be ok to practice quietly on. Im having a little trouble with the pads double triggering. I wanted to know if this is caused by a cheap brain or cheap triggers. My solution was to either maybe by some reddots and place them on the pads or to buy a better brain. The brain seems pretty high quality for what i paid. It has a ton of features and settings, so i figured it was probably poorly made triggers causing my headache. Any comments would be much appreciated.


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did your set come with a manual? read through it. there are usually many settings you can change that will allow you to work with sensetivity, and multiple other settings


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Most likely the triggers. The brain usually has nothing to do with double triggering, it's usually a cheap or oversensitive trigger.