Iron Cobra Question


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Hey every my iron cobras..they are awesome!! much better than my pdp's haha...well im a little confused on all the adjustment things u can do and im still learning about them all...but i have a problem where my 2 beaters are not lining up right next to each other...the one on the left is a tad in front of the 1 on the right..this makes the left 1 hit way before the do i go about adjusting this so they are both next to each other



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you know i had the same problem. but i never did anything about it
for me it helped my double bass because my left foot would always rush a little.

but i do know how to ajust them
if you look at the bottom of where the device that holds the beater
youll notice that there a little hexagon thats black where you put the wrench that came on
the drum key with your cobra. put the key there turn to the left and bam it should loosen
it takes a little time to get em alined jsut right but thats how you do it.