International swap shop!


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we need to set up an international swap shop!! lol with the dollar being soo cheap to the pound about ($2 to £1). we need to set up a shop! drum gear at american prices! lol.

par example.

sabian vault hats home uk are - £243 from (the cheapest ive found so far) (in dollars - $481.63)

vault hats in america are - $355 from musician's friend. ( in pounds - £ 180)

thats saving of £60!

now to find cheap cheap cheap shipping! lol. make this worth while. free teleportation?? anybody?


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i know how u feel! i wish i could get stuff in australia as cheap as they have in the U.S! As for teleportation we have it over here but its a fortune...


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hahaha i am one step ahead of u im using my sister whos at uni in america to send stuff back to auz just baught me a pair of k custom hybrid hi hats for 300$ including shipping and there 800$ auz retail then i got a k custom 20" medium for 300$ including shipping aswell and there around 750$ auz so yer im saving a hell of alot :D


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If you are thinking about chaning your cymbals it probably is definately worth going for a day trip to america, :p, seriously, how much are plane tickets?

As for UK buying the cheapest website I've found is, great delivery too, really fast.