intermediate drum lesson video


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i am looking for a good drum video.but i dont want to waste my money on a bad one..i was thinking about a thomas lang video or,something with mike johnston because they are good long as it will teach me alot and its long.. i would probally buy it ..because the last dvd that i bought (or atleast i thought it was)was just a play along cd in a dvd case..and i learn stuff alot better by sight more than sound most people



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The problem I find with alot of drum videos is they turn into a 30 minute drum solo sometimes. Don't just look for a big name because that doesn't make a good teacher. That said Mike Jonston is good, and a great teacher. But don't rule out Dave Weckl he's a great teacher with alot of different dvd's on a variety of subjects, look for the natural evolution series.