integrating to brands


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Ive been thinking of buy another set and integrating it into the one i have now. Which is a different brand. Resulting in many drums to use to get different stone and sounds. But i dont know if it is a good idea. Lemme know if its a good idea or a bad one.


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do it if you want. if you like the sound of a cirtain brands toms and another brands kick and another brands snare then if you could afford it why wouldnt you. its not about the same name being on every drum or even every drum matching perfectly. its about getting the sound you want.
i have many brands on my kit at the moment - mapex, paiste, meinl, pearl, ----- i don't really care about the number of different brands i get. the excuse i came up with was - "im not endorsed with a contract so what the hell!" if it will get you the drums/cymbals you want or for cheaper then go ahead!


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If I take all little things in consideration I have a Trick, DW, Yamaha, Tama and Thunder(?) hybrid. It's all about the set not the names .. :)