I have recently joined a new band old school metal type stuff. And have some songs to put drums too just wondering what you guys do for inspiration?? Any tips not played much for the last couple of years and struggling with writers block lol.


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Listen to Sanctus Infernum on I'm pulling quite a bit of inspiration from them on both drums and guitar right now.


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I think about how much fun those guys are having playing drums, so I go play drums.

As far as writing, that can be a different animal....


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Listen back to a lot of old school Metal records from Sabbath and such, a lot of Hard Rock from that era would help too. Pay attention to the styles, take certain aspects and apply it to your own, don't ape the drummers.


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Don't listen to the genera you are going to be focusing on, bring in new ideas and grooves from other genera and make it work. That is what I try and do.


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For me best way is to listen a lot of type of music that your band is playing. then ideas for new beats will come fast.

kermit that's a good answer as well:)

kErmit vOn zOmbie":h3c6vdhg said:
don't think about it and it will come out. listen to your main guitarist in the band for inspiration.

Sometimes I'm going sleep and in one second i finding a great beat for new song. But only sometimes;P

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What I like to when I have writers block is strip the beat down to what would be the most simple drum beat possible for the part. This helps me find the backbone and really understand what I'm working with. Then I add on from there once I can appreciate whats going on. Sometimes, I will just jump right in with a beat while not really listening to the details. That works, but sometimes will send the song in two different directions...what the guitarist is playing and what the drummer is playing. It usually sounds better when everyone is in sync and understands each other.


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I do however have a couple of places I like to go for inspiration. When I go to a music store I always look at all of the little details of the drums even down to the bearing edge or where they put the seam of the wrap.