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What band, or person influenced you into the kind of music you play, or listen to most?

for me it's green day. i used to not like music, until i was in sixth grade and heard longview and it turned my world upside down.
If you don't like green day please don't tell me they are bad, keep it to yourself. I'm pretty sure a lot of you hate them.

if it was so great it made you love them, you should tell everyone


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Actually, the band Boston really put me in play. Their drummer Sib played double bass, and it just clicked for me. Then bands liken Supertramp, Queen, and Steely Dan took me in new directions. Oh, and I do like that tune, ehhhhhhhhhhhh, is it called Brainstew? Goes, "I'm having trouble trying to sleep, my counting sheep are running low.... Anyway, I like that one. :D
The bands that inspired me to play were Green Day, Bowling For Soup, and Blink 182. I listened to those guys, and decided that music was what I wanted to do. As I got more into it my influences spread out into less mainstream pop music. But to this day, GD, BFS, and B182 are still some of my favorite bands.


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Really, I use to just listen to rap. Now I've jumped straight to metal and I'm still pretty new to it. It's only been like 2 years. I don't really have a lot of influences but here are my main ones.
Lamb of God
Black Sabbath


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I started getting into music in the early seventies, with the British Glam-rock bands, then swiftly went to Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. Black Sabbath was also a favourite of mine, but my real drum hero at the time was Cozy Powell.
Nowadays, I tend to listen to most stuff, but i am still deeply rooted in heavy rock, classic-stylee.



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Vinny Paul was probably my first influence along with Paul Bostaph in highschool.....I played airdrums for about 10 years lol until I finally said "Hell, I might as well by a kit if not for anything but to get the tapping out of my system." Now I'm pretty into it... I listen to primarily metal so most of my influences are metal based...Jason Bittner, Chris Adler and Martin Lopez are by far my biggest influences these days. But since joining the forum I've aquired many others. Neal Peart, Simon Philips, Will Cahloun to name a few.


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I was one of those kids that was always into music. Not just dancing along to whatever was on, I actually used to checkout records from the library on Beale A.F.B.. I was really into The Chattanooga Cats, The Chipmunks album, a Smurf's album I had, and of course Michael Jackson. This was somewhere around five years old. I was also the kid who'd pull the pots and pans out of the cabins at 7am on Sunday and start banging on them with wooden spoons...or metal ones, whichever I could actually get my grubby little hands on. Then MTV came out and my baby-sitter got me into watching it. I was into bands like Ratt, Duran-Duran and Power Station.

The drummer who influenced me to start playing was actually my best friend at the time. We both met and grew up on Beale until he moved off Base, so we barely got to hang out anymore and he went to a completely different school district. He was a year or two older than me and started playing drums. I just thought that was the coolest thing in the world so I started playing drums at the beginning of 6th grade. I spent that year being classically trained on the snare, but it was also the year I was introduced to Metallica...1987. I'd moved off Base by this point and had made new friends. One of those has his birthday three days before mine and I was going over to his house for an overnight party. He said, "do you like Metallica? because it's the only music we're playing." I said I'd never heard them so he let me borrow Kill 'Em All. I've been into hard rock and metal ever since.

But then, a few years ago when I started working in the drum shop there was a cat there who influenced me a lot. One of the best drummers you'll never hear. He broke me of holding my sticks like I was clubbing baby seals and got me into groove playing. I started unlearning what I knew and embarked down the road to the unknown. What really unlocked it for me was actually listening to the grooves on two Sarah McLaughlin songs, "Fallen" and "Train Wreck". Simple, sparse, and dripping with feel.

Today, my biggest influence is most likely Josh Freese.


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In the past couple of years, I've really gotten into classic rock. So, now they are probably Bonham, Neil Peart, Mitch Mitchell, and Joey Kramer. But besides that, some people I used to listen to alot more would be Jose Pasillas (Incubus), Aaron Gillespie, and Taylor Hawkins.


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The Rev. I usually didnt play that much until i heard their song Chapter 4 and then I thought "I wish I could play that good", and so here we are now. :D

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Green Day got me started.
Then I listened to Liquid Tension Experiment, and it blew my mind.
Nowadays, guys like Steve Gadd, Thomas Lang, and Benny Greb are my primary source of inspiration.


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greenday got me into playing guitar back in woodstock of 94, ever since i seen that band all i wanted to do was play guitar, i got one and played it until my hands and fingers were dead and bloody, this was the start of my love of music. i have since started playing drums(more so now than back then) and even gave bass a shot( 4 strings is still hard to master) but all in all i love my drums more than anything else, so thank you greenday for it was your fault i was so broke then and still broke now.


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What got me into wanting to play music in general was listening to led zeplin, steely dan, nirvana,rush , van halen, and AC DC at a young age. Both my parents are into rock and I grew up listening to great bands all my life. My Dad is also a Guitarist and bassist, thats why I started on bass. I also have always had a good sense of time and started on drums a year after my bass playing.

My main influences in both bass and drums are Rush, Incubus, The Police, Primus, RHCP, Tool, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, LED ZEP, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Stanley Clark and Victor Wooten.


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Aaron Gillespie of UnerOath and the Almost i even use a single mounted tom and my setups just like his haha

Neil Peart from Rush because i looooove his awesome Ride work its amazing


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Having a Dad who played for a living.
As far as music...everything I've ever listened to is an influence.
I play all styles of music.


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Cozy Powell
Don Brewer (Grand Funk Railroad)
John Bonham, also Jason
Jimmy de Grasso
Pat Thorpey
Brian Tichy
Ronnie Tutt (Elvis)
Vinnie Paul
Marco Minneman
Bobby Jarzombeck (Riot, Halford, Iced Earth, and now Fates Warning)
Mike Mangini (Extreme)
Tommy Clufetos. I don't care so much for his work with Rob Zombie, but think he's amazing with Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent.
And so many more...

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Kiss got me really interested in music. But my drumming influences are Keith Moon, John Bonham, Tommy and Marky Ramone and Meggers from the Casualties.