inebriated musicianship


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whats everyones feelings about drinking and/or drugs and playing? myself,i cant play drunk...but a jay before i jam is always fun.

Rob the Drummer

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I'm sober when I play. It's a personal preference. Some people like to have a buzz, some like to toke up. I will drink after a gig, just not during. Drinking tends to make my anxiety level go up and I'm not down with that. Good Q!


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I never drink before or during gigs. It just makes me forget songs... :x Ohh, I can drink one or two beers during a jam session with friends, but never on a gig


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My favorite is doing a speedball while on acid and three Jim Beam on the rock's. If you can be creative on that mess you can do anything, no, really...


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Hm. Unlike most (from what I'm reading), I have to drink a bit of alcohol before I get onstage. I battle serious stagefright (even after 33 years of playing), and if I don't have a slight buzz, I'm too scared to get onstage. I normally will have a couple shots of Jaegermeister and a couple of Miller Lites before a show, then I'm fine. Once I start playing, I don't need to drink anymore (mostly just water), but it's that initial buzz that I depend on to get me onstage.


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I drink some but never get drunk. Well, not "never". in 25 years of playing on stage I've gotten drunk 3 times. But I don't want to get drunk while playing. For one, I get tired easier and then the song starts slowing down. Then I realize I'm slowing down and speed up to compensate. I consider my timing to be my best quality so it irritates me to lose control of that.

I agree with many others here. I'm getting paid to play music and put on a professional performance, not to indulge myself in alchohol. The three times I got drunk was because the club owners were buying the drinks. :lol:


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I likethis one.

Well, I tend to have a few beers before playing to loosen up. Although I can play stone cold sober.

It's about the mood. I am not going out there trying to be Neil Peart. Chops arte great, but I try to connect with the vibe of the moment.

Sometimes I have a J. It relaxes me.

Sometimes I have as many shots as the cats I amp laying with.

I stopped telling people what to do (as in driunk or not drink) it's a matter of personal choice and responsibility.

Don't quit your vices. Make your vices work for you.

I don't get so drunk that I can't play well, that is a no-no.

However, drunken playing does work for some. If you play out drunk, then you must rehearse drunk.

Prtactice make perfect.

And old college band director once said "whatever you are gonna dop during the show, do THAT during rehearsal."

"THAT" extends to drinking too.

IT's all rock & roll, so it's all okay.

Just don't drive home from the gig drunk. You will die, and take others out with you...

In hell, there are no drums...

Drum Naked

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I think it's personal preference. For mee I'll drink a couple of Miller light's not more than 2 before I play than I switch to water after I start playing. Then I drink like a madman after the show.
I have to be in control of my faculties when I play I want the crowd to go away with a good feeling about the band not "The drummer was so wasted he couldn't keep the beat.

Rob the Drummer

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You know, another thing I noticed about drinking and playing. If I have just a little bit of alcohol, it makes me sweat like a pig! I don't sweat a whole lot at all when I play, but if I drink, it makes me sweat a lot. Is it just me?


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I'm always sober during a gig and I insist on the rest of my band to be sober as well - I believe that people don't pay us to see how we screw up after a few beers ;]


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I rarely get drunk, I do have a few beers while we play. I like beer, but I can't play under the influence very well at all, so I try not to do it to extremes. I used to smoke out every day, and I was convinced it made me more creative and relaxed. I've been off pot for about six years, and realized when I quit that it made me tense and I played sloppy... it's a waste of time, and the vast majority of pros don't touch it or booze while they play.

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my old band and i used to drink like it was a sport! i remember one show (one of our better sounding ones) the bassist had to lean against his rig to stay upright! (i was sitting so i was ok)
my new band they rarely drink (singer dosen't at all) so i have a few, but nothing fun


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I've played with people who are stone sober and cannot groove to save their life. I've played with career alcoholics/drug users that are absolutely magical in their abilities.

If a person can hold themselves together at a gig on their preferred poison then more power to 'em. If it becomes a problem that they are late, apathetic about what's going on, etc. I am usually the very first to say something.

I've had band managers come up to me and rag me about drinking a beer before a gig- something about "Doesn't that mess up your timekeeping?" I tell them "I'm not a timekeeper. I am a musician. I play music. One beer is not going to ruin my abilities to do what I do."

However if things become a problem with your useage then you need to check yourself.

If you are a young kid I would suggest to stay away from drugs.


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No room for drugs in my life let alone on stage IMHO.

Now like BillyRay... I've played with both drunkards and non drinkers with much the same experience as he...

I like to keep a clear head... alcohol can muddy the thoughts... AND the experience... BUT one beer before a gig to take the edge off??.. not a big deal for me.. I'ds rather a Red Bull though!

Here's one for ya... what about smoking cigarettes during a performance/show?


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as much as i love my camel wides,if i try to play with it in my mouth i get smoke in my eye which hurts lik a sumbitch,i cough wich throws off my time,and i burn my pants when it drops ash


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I really don't like drunk musicians. A joint is OK (personally, I don't smoke BTW....) but anything else such as hard drugs (Meth, Cocaine, Heroin) I do not play with those musicians....much less hang out with that type of person..

I gave up a gig with a guy that, after playing his CD release party, I walked in on him smoking crystal methamphetamine. That was the last gig I did with him.Shame, as he was/is a talented musician.




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Tacky as hell.

Bun E. Carlos quit.....that pretty much made that whole "smoking drummer" thing go away. Smoking on stage is so 1980's.