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hey, I was doing a lot of research on the double bass/hand independence and I was wondering if you guys had any tips for it. I play heavy metal/thrash and I need some exercises to practice independence. Mine isen't that bad at the moment, but I want independence when rolling the double bass and doing complex beats on the drums (ie; chris adler).

Right now all I am practicing with that is rolling on the feet while doing paradiddles and vice versa.

help :D :D


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I don't really know much about double bass but I would think that doing different rudiments on the bass drum and snare would help. Like learn to play a snare rudiment with a different bass drum rudiment at the same time. Maybe one that would fit together but still be challenging to coordinate.


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my suggestion would be doing straight double bass.

then over the top doing the different combinations of these:

doubles (regular and inverted)
triples(RRR LLL, LLR, RRL)
4's (RRRR LLLL, RLLL, LRRR, Paradiddles)
5's (RLRLL, RRLLL, etc)
6's (double paradiddles, etc.)
7's (RLRLRLL, etc)
and so on...

no need to go past 8 unless you really want to. 13 max.

all this stuff is really basic separation. the more advanced stuff is combineing all these different combinations between the feet and hands. left side against right, and crossing limbs. takes years for that though.