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First thankx for taking the time to read my post.
I'm interested in suggestions for books, vids, ideas for finding better independance hand to hand.

Also this is off topic when I created my account here I do not recall entering at any point that I am a beginner yet when I see my own posts it states so under my handle...for the life of me I cannot figure out how to edit that...anyone know how?
I guess all in all it doenst really matter much anyways and I also might be misunderstanding what the "beginner" is meaning to say...could be i'm a beginner at this website? or havent posted that many posts?


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The "beginner" part is a way of tracking how many posts you make. Most pHp message boards use them. The more you post, the more your level will change, along with the number of "pips" or squares that show below your name. It doesn't mean that you are a beginning drummer, just that you haven't posted here a whole lot.

And check out Thomas Lang's "Creative Control" for great ideas on independance. Anything from Lang, Mangini, Rabb, Benny Grebb, et al.


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marco minneman. the stuff he does isnt very practical on a standard drum kit but you can take his stuff and adjust it to your kit. you just gotta play with the sound sources a little.

This is the best way to study independence in all the drum set.


Ideal for hands independence, but Could be easily combined to create great excersices for all the drums set...

good luck.