incubus fill?


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so i love incubus, think they are one of the better bands of today, and there is a song on their album light grenades, called Anna Molly and at 50 seconds left of the song there is a drum and singer solo, and at the very end of it is a fill, (in my opinion the coolest one on the album) I have practiced it, but i cant quite figure out how it goes, anybody know how he plays the fill? (put it in terms of S (snare) 1 (tom) 2 (tom) B (bass) )




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I think its something like this,

SS - BB - 2S - BB - SSS - B - S

the last snare is hit with a crash
i hope this makes sense to you.


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yeah, it's an old "drop two" trick.

SS SS SS S/C (or flam?) (my computer spkrs r crap)

all 16th notes, with the dropped double (kick) notes starting on "&" of 4. The final hit is on 4.

THe actual notes are not as important as the feel. For a hint as to how to find your own combos, practice your single, double and triple paradiddles, then learn how to drop two bass drum 16th notes in with the combinations of hand licks. You will "accidentally" discover a new world in there, and find ways of making people wonder what the hell you are doing.

Heck, make yourself wonder what you are doing. That's even more fun. Your heart knows when it sounds right. Go for that...

For an advanced trick, play two double paradiddles between the Snare, flr tm in a sixtuplet format, while placing the kick on the quaternotes (uh, two 1/4 notes). Then go into a "drop two fill" with 16th's, starting w/the kick...maybe even do the drop two thing in a triplet format...insanity comes soon.

But you know what, fuck math. just go for it, and don't even worry about trying to remember it. Have fun and the coolness will come out.

Next time I see Jose, I will ask him about the lick (he's a friend of mine). Maybe I'll hit up their show in LA in February...