Incorrectly labeled cymbals??

Optimus Prime

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A while ago I saw an auction on ebay for a 17" AAXplosion crash for $130. I bid on and won the auction, and it just arrived today. I set it up next to my 18" AAXplosion crash to see how they would sound, expecting a somewhat similar sound and feel since, after all, they're the same model but different sizes.

Here's what I heard: While my 18" sounded like an 18" and felt like a medium-thin weight cymbal like it should, my new 17" feels drastically thinner and has quite a higher pitch considering they're only one inch apart. I thought I may have accidentally bought an AAXplosion Fast crash instead of the regular Xplosion, but I checked and re-checked the label and it definitely says 17" AAXplosion crash.

So is there any possibility that a cymbal might accidentally be labeled wrong? Or am I just being ridiculous. Or is this something you can attribute to it being brand new? (Yes, the auction was for a new cymbal, not used) And would it become more like my 18" as time goes by?

I can understand the pitch difference but I am confused by the weight. It feels just as thin if not thinner than my AAX Studio crash. Did I just end up with a fluke model that happened to be a bit thinner than usual, just because of the nature of cast cymbals?


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That sounds like it could be a fluke because my 17" AAXplosion doesn't sound the way you describe yours, not even when it was brand new. Either way you might have a problem if you don't like it because you bought it online and from an auction so there probably isn't a warranty on it.


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the cymbal is new to you . My guess is the 18 was your main crash before? If it was then this would be the simple fact that your head want to hear the 18 and the 17 is throwing you off. It will grow on you the more you play it and soon enough you will love it.


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I haven't seen a mislabeled Sabian in the 16 years I've been an endorser, but I came across my first one today... at Sabian! It was ordered for me and labeled a 14" Hand Hammered Thin (maybe Medium) Crash, but it was quite heavy and obviously a bottom hat with the wrong imprint.