In your eye's what's a legite cymbal company ?


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They say we live in the "Golden Age" of cymbalmaking. We certainly live during a prolific time of Drum/cymbal making and building. Today there are dozens if not hundreds of boutique drum companies. Some do all of there own work and some order keller shells with the bearing edges cut and the wholes pre drilled into the shell. They put a finish on it assemble the harware and there's your drum. Are some of these drum assemblers and some drum builders ? I am not at all knocking the drum assembler method I simply am using that as an example to preface my real question. Making cymbals is alot more complicated than building a drum. You either order blanks and hammer them yourself, have a smelter/furnance and a press and all the equipment that goes along with making a cymbal. Or you can order cymbals made to your specifications from an OEM and put your brand on it. awhile back I was reading where a guy started his own cymbal company and most people were saying that's not a real company because they were simply re-branded cymbals. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe TRX outsources all it's cymbal production. I also know Saluda use to re-brand cymbals ( I don't know if they still do) So in your eyes the drumming community if someone were to choose the latter would you consider that a legite cymbal company ? To be honest I have a financial stake in your answers for really both Drum and Cymbal branding. Just was wondering how you percieved things. Thanks