In need of Cymbals


New member
So I am pretty much a newbie. I've been playing for about a month or so (4 days with a new kit :D ) and I am in need of cymbals. I was planning on going to guitar center and just banging on cymbals all day, but I'm trying to narrow down my search. I've read a lot about cymbals but with terminology such as energetic, full, etc, it's hard to tell what I'm looking for since I've never actually heard those sounds. What advice can you guys give me. I've been listening to a lot of my favorite bands to try to find the perfect sound so I think that might help when I actually start banging on cymbals. What else can I do? And for the sake of being open what would you recommend on a $600 budget (Not that I have that money yet :roll: )

P.S I listen to a lot of Saosin and I know the drummer plays with Zildjian K customs so that's where I will start.