In need of a few things

Call me Gideon

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I need a few things for my kit, in a bad way, and I dont have a lot of loot to throw down on it. If anyone has some stuff they dont mind partin with pretty cheap, I'd really appreciate it! I'm looking for:

14" hats
17, 18 or 19" crash
dbl bass pedal

I can be emailed at


Call me Gideon

New member
Sorry Im not payin attention to this thread the way I need to.

Scrubs- Some stuff came up and I dont even have the 50 to throw down, at this point.

GeorgeDemise- A little outta my range man but I appreciate the offer.

MrChops- I dont really know Zildjian lines. Do you know what Sabians theyre comparable to? How much are we talkin?