In appreciation of my current band...


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Man what a fun gig I had tonight. My band plays country music and classic rock covers. And from a drumming stand point, I've got it nailed, for me, it's a pretty easy gig.

Tonight at the gig I played Wipeout, and I played it so fast that the guitarist, who's also the band leader, had a hard time keeping up, and I was just laughing the whole time.

We've got a house band gig, so we play the same bar every Fri and Sat night. And we stick pretty close to a list of about a hundred songs, so you can get familiar with them and bored really quick. Not to mention having the same people every night watching you. My point is things can get stale real quick.

But it's weird too. You start to notice weird things about the situation. Tonight I noticed that one couple that was dancing had a beer with them and every other measure they would trade a drink. And sometimes some one in the band will play a song a bit different just to see what it'd be like, and it can cause for an interesting time. During one of the guitarist solos I thought it sounded so funny that after the song everyone turned to look at me because I was laughing so hard, and then they all started laughing too. They've all got really fun attitudes.

When you've got the same people in the audience, sometimes inside jokes develop with certain members of the crowd that come out during certain songs. We played margaritaville, and our guitar player was cracking jokes with the crowd during the verse, all the jokes had to do with the lyrics that the singer was singing at the time, we were all laughing so hard that the singer had a hard time singing, I couldn't believe we got through the song without stopping.

Tonight a person from the crowd yelled play House of the Rising son or we'll kick the drummers ass. The band leader said we don't know that, and I said screw you all, and i start bangin on the drums yelling house of the rising son please don't kick my ass over and over, ah everyone was laughing at me. After I was done, I said I call that house of the rising son, it may not be the version you were wanting but...people were rofl.

And then there's our fearless lead singer, lol, who is quitting the band. One of the reasons he's quitting is because the people that work the bar always tell his girlfriend if he's been flirty with any ladies in the bar. He's banged so many of the girls that go there, that there's always drama going on, it's so funny. I love the dude, but the dude is a whore.

But one bonus with him quitting is that I'm about to get a nice raise in salary because I'm taking over a lot of his singing duties and the band leader doesn't feel it's necessary to hire on another person.

I love my job. The only thing that's missing is the chicken wire infront of the stage, lol. I'm not kidding it's a weird situation, but it's a lot of fun and pays real good money, I'm having a great time.

Much luv peeps,


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Eliminator":3nhsd77l said:
we'd a cracker on thursday night with Architects!
forgive me, for my ignorance but, WHAT?!?!?!?!???????....????


I forgot to mention this one dude in particular, who said, "Ya know, I'm an alcoholic, I go to bars every night and get really drunk. And you guys are the best band I see around town. I should be at home sleepin, gettin ready for work, and I'm gonna really struggle tomorrow, but I'm staying for your last set cause you guys are awesome." My response was, "dude, I don't think a band can receive any higher of a compliment than a comment like that from such a wonderful bar pro. We'll try and make sure our last set is worth it for ya." the dude has also given me a comment such as this, "man you're an awesome drummer man, and I ain't sayin that just cause I'm drunk." lol

I love it. Also I think it's funny that I don't call people alcoholics, they're just pro drinkers.

Oh I get to do it all over again tonight. Saturdays are always crazier cause they didn't have to work all day. They got a bit more energy in'em.


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I'd like to have a gig like that kind of on the side of other gigs. Once you've played those covers enough they stick in your spine so you don't have to practice much. Actually, we do have a gig like that, but it's 2-4 times a year, and it's always a blast! Drunk people are really funny when seen from the stage! It's awesome to see what giving that groove a little extra can do to people too, it's amazing how you can make people go wild with your music. We don't get drunk on stage, a little tipsy sometimes, but I think it's way more enjoyable if you're sober. The cool thing is that we're playing in front of people we all know too (I live in a village with like 2000 people), that just adds a lot to it. I hate playing my own songs in front of people I know though, just hard to get and honest opinion.


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Woot! My saturday gig was great. The bar was packed, the dance floor was full. Everyone shouted love my way after I played wipeout. A good ego stroking never hurt anyone, and besides my ego is the only thing my wife will let a stranger stroke on me anyways, lol. I got paid. I'm sure some where later on a bastard child was conceived because the fire of lust was sparked during my band's playing. That's a happy thought, lol! I suppose you know you're a good musician when 10 years later a guy is making child support payments and some of the blame can be yours!



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sounds fun! how long have you been playin with this band?
6 or 7 weeks, I'm starting to lose track. When I was offered the gig, I got the call on a tuesday night and was given a list of over 50 songs to be ready to play that fri, with no rehersal. That was awesome. The band has also been active for 27 years. That's a trip, there's probably been 20 different people to play drums in this group, lol. I was 1 year old when this band started, I don't let the band leader forget that either. lol


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SGarrett":2j8yt2qu said:
You think that's boring? Try playing the same 10-15 songs five times a week. :D
I've done this before on tour with bands. I actually really enjoy this, you really get to wrap your head around what makes the songs tick.