Im 'Married' to Zildjian but im tempted to mix n match


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theres nothin that says i cant ,buttheirs sumthin bout havin all of the same brand of cymbals that i like.

i was thinkin bout cymbals ive played n i was thinkin of gettin sum more stagg cymbals cuz they lastfuckin ages, but they a bit trashy for me. n then i remember that i'd plays on sum sabian AA stage/studio crashes at a gig n they sounded awesome.

ive always wanted a 17" RUDE crash/ ride also, their fucking amazing cymbal. but i dont know any thing about sabian or paiste ,so could y'all recommend me sum jazz/funk/rock/metal cymbals catagory wise e.g AA = ? 2002's = ?

Empyrean Drums

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Unless they're paying you or giving you free cymbals, there's no real good reason not to. Every manufacturer makes quality cymbals (as well as some junk sheet metal trash can lids) and by not exploring what is available because of brand loyalty you are only limiting your options


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i like having all matching cymbals, i like the way cymbals sound together as a group but if you want to buy something from a different comany dont let an inked logo stop you


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I find that Mixing and Matching just give you a unique sound as to cymbals. You can go from a ride to a china...and it just... blows minds. Different brands aren't bad. just gives you something more to fool around with.

Brian L

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dont do what I did though, I got some many different types of brands that it doesnt go great. for example I have a quiet 15 inch B8 crash, and a loud ass HHX groove ride aax-xcelerator hats, and a zildjian a custom projection crash. I was going for a very very diverse collection, and now I'm kind of regreting my decision, mostly with the HHx groove ride. I'm thinking of getting zildjian a series and mixing it up with sabian aa. I hear they go together so I thought Id give it a try later on maybe.

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i know how you feel. for such a long time i had these two really nice used paiste signature crashes. i loved the sound, and i wanted to buy more paistes. but they were too far from my price range, even used. so i 'switched' to zildjian because i was able to get two really nice K crashes for the price of one paiste sig. plus i already had an old K ride.
i was kind of iffy about using both brands, but then i figured if i have good cymbals, why not use them, eh?

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Mixing and matching is a great way to personalize your set and your sound. Never limit yourself to other options just because they don't have a familiar brand name attached to them. Try everything you can. Besides it never hurts to have a cymbal collection.


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Personally, I am not too concerned when it comes to the brand name on the cymbals. If the pie has the sound I'm looking for, I'll use it.

I will admit that I am a little snobby about different lines within a brand. I mean, honestly, I most likely not ever seriously consider buying the B8's B8Pro's, ZwhateverT's etc, but that's because from my experience, these cymbals are not what I am looking for tonally. I will buy cheap cymbals, though. I love my Wuhan and I'm about to pull the trigger on a 22" Dream Bliss.

I think the most dangerous thing about opening your mind to trying any kind of cymbal is the price tags you will inevitably run into when you find the pies of your dreams.


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Im a mixer and matcher, Zils and Sabs...I never liked paiste. I think unless your endorsed there is no reason to match cymbal brands or lines unless that is just your preference. I love the way my Zil A custom stands out next to a AAX Sab crash. Personalize your sound to whatever YOU think sounds good. Express what you want your kit to sound like regardless of brands...come to think of it my whole kit is off brand! Pork pie kick, yamaha Anton Fig snare, pearl maple toms, DW pedal, Zildian and Sabian cymbals....damn Ive got no loyalty, just a picky ear! Pork Pie is the bomb though, I want a full kit.


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Although specific lines(not brands) of cymbals i.e. Zildjian A Customs, or Sabian AAX's, or Paiste Rudes, etc are designed to match each other sonically, mixing is not a bad thing as long as you mix cybals that sound good together. Neil Peart has a signature line of Sabians(Paragon) but only plays Wuhan chinas. If he can do it, why can't you?


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zildjian are always gonna be great - and personally i think the logo looks better

plus the kit looks better if they are all one - it is really down to how you want it to sound