I'm Brand New Aswell!! Thought I'd show my kit!


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What's going on guys? I'm brand new to the forum as my headline says above. I thought that showing off my kit was a good way to start out here. I'll list my drum specs below:

Pearl EXR drums
Toms: 10, 12, 14, & 16 floor.
Bass: 18x22" x2
Snare: Pearl 3x13" piccolo

13" Zildjian ZBT hats pictures (I now 14" Paiste Signature heavy hats)
14" Paiste Signature Full crash
16" Paiste 2002 Medium crash
18" Paiste Alpha Power Crash
20" Paiste 802 ride
8" & 10" Sabian AAX splashes
20" Wuhan china (soon to be Paiste rude 18" china)

Axis Al-2 longboard pedals
Gibraltar rack
Yamaha and Gibraltar stans and arms.
Pearl hi-hat stand

and my old kit


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First of all, welcome to the forums!

That's a lovely kit you got there :) How do you like your Paiste Sigs? Do you have any driver's seat pics?


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Liking the look of those axis pedals...gotta get me some of those...
how do they play?
Dude, the Axis AL-2 longboard, in my opinion, is the best pedal on the market today.

I used to use Iron Cobras and they were decent until my slave pedal started shitting on me. Then I got the axis and used them as a double pedal, which was better than the cobras, but still lacked some speed. Then I split the AL-2's into two single pedals and OMG they are so fast.

If you're looking to play a whole lot of double pedal I would suggest two axis AL-2 single pedals and two bass drums. Not having a slave is what really makes ALL the difference.

Very very nice set up my friend....i'm new here too.

out of interest have you never thought of using another snare too, gives you a couple of choices on sounds.

I used to have a 13x3 piccallo as my only snare drum, and dont get me wrong, they sound amazing.

I then got a Pearl Session Custon MSX think its 14x6 as my main snare and use the piccallo as a second.....just for a different sound.

the bigger, deeper snaree i have really seems to cut through well and sounds so much brighter than my piccallo.

Just a thought thats all..... oh and i love those pedals ....think i might have to save up and get me some.



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The second bunch of pics look oustanding. The colour is just awesome.

Oh, and on your hats in the 1st lot of pics, is that dust or stick-marks?