illiminator, dw's, cobra?


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i have the illiminator for my hi hat and for my kick. i love them both extremely.. the hi hit stand is very kick ass. and i just got the kick pedle.. but i want to know what other people have and what they think about all these..

let me know! Trent

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My preference is DW. The 9000 series is the best pedal I've ever used. You'll pay double what you pay for an eliminator or an Iron Cobra... but you get what you pay for in this situation.


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Actually, I think the DW 7000's are the most underrated pedals ever. that's what I play with...They're smooth, but they don't lag like cobras do. They have those super light DW beaters, obviously, but you still feel like you're playing a pedal, not just tapping your feet (like axis or the 9000's)
I played on the Eliminator for years, but recently switched to the Iron Cobras. They're both great products though. The first double pedal I ever owned was a DW, and I loved that too. I think they're all great.


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I was originaly going to get iron cobras for christmas(present to myself) but unfortunatly my local guitar center sold out, so one of the workers let me try out a few other double bass pedals in around the same price range. The best feeling pedals I tried out were the pearl power shifter Eliminators..and Wow, they were pretty damn smooth. I didn't hesitate to make the purchase, definatly one of the smartest buys i've made in awhile. I also like how you can change the cams, so far I've been using the blue and red cams with the footboard set all the way back, I'm still messing around with them. :]


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See for yourself.....

The kick is a Tama Iron Cobra Jr. And the Hi-hat stand, is a Tama HH905 Iron Cobra. ^_^ The hi-hat stand is brand-fucking-new. Christmas present. ^_<


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I used an Iron Cobra for years then I switched to DW 5000's.
The switch was like shifting to overdrive. The DW'S were smoother and gave me some leverage, therefore helping me play faster bass drum patterns.


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i play iron cobras. the dw 9000s are the most insanely fast and smooth chain pedals ive ever felt but they were out of my price range (my dad actually bought me my cobras and i knew he wouldnt put down for a set of 9000s). the problem i have with dws is getting double strokes out of them. to some people doubles might not be a problem but i use them all the time and i need a pedal that can deliver, and the iron cobras do that for me. the eliminators are also very nice pieces of equipment and if i feel the need to replace my cobras ill give them a serious look and substantial playing time.

all in all, the pedals are great, all of them. there are pros and cons to each one but im not at all disappointed with my cobras.


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i been playing and iron cobra double pedal for about 2 years and the left one started to give resistance to the spring either im sending it in or selling it and getting two single kicks. i've been looking at the axis, can someone tell me what they think about them?


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I have been playing drums for 10 years and I play hard, I love to beat the shit out of my drums. My frist double pedal was a pacific and it just did not do it for me, the feel was too light. Then I got a dw 5000 and it still was to light and about for years ago I went all pearl drums, hardwear and pedals and MAN WOW!!! the Eliminator double chain double pedal was the one. They are so fast and hit with so much force it just blew me away. If you want speed and power go with the Eliminator!


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ok iv checked the pearl website and there are 2 types of the Eliminator the Eliminator - P-2002C and the Eliminator - P-2002B.

Can anyone share light on the difference between these 2 pedals as the pearl website does'nt?


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screamkevin":1jg912ar said:
Shalaq":1jg912ar said:
They are not fast. You are fast.

Shalaq is completely right. What pedal you play has nothing to do with how fast you are. It's you, not the pedal.
I'll third that! I originally had the Tama HP10 and got the same speed out of it as I get out of the Tama HP200 Iron Cobra Jr. It all depends on how fast YOU are. Just the higher up ones, are not faster, they are better built. They will last longer through faster beating, where as the lower ones will get crappy and fall apart.


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OK here's another thing I've thought of:
"Good pedals won't make you faster. They just won't slow you down" :)