If you had to ged rid off all you cymbals...


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I was recently wondering which cymbals in my setup are simply irreplaceble and found that no matter what I will never get rid of my Paiste 2000 hats and my 20" swish. The hats because they not only sound great but they are also a collectors item ;) (well at least I'd collect colorsounds if I had the money to do so), the swish because it has that one of the kind sound - just right. :)

Imagine you have to sell all your cymbals for whatever reason and you can only spare three... which would you choose and why?


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I'd keep my paiste sig heavy hats and... my stagg furia 10 splash which is one amazing cymbal!

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Qbs":3b84u37t said:
ok :p let's say you can only leave two :p
D'oh!! That leaves me minus the 21" Sweet Crash/Ride.

I couldn't bear to part with the 24" crash/ride or the 20" Hi-Hats (they count as one, right?) :lol:


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I'd keep both my 16" and 18" Sabian Rocktagons and also the 17" rock crash. I know Sabian don't make all three anymore so to me, they are clasics.

I've even gone and found a 16" rocktagon on ebay so I have continuance of one cymbal breaks. 8)


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I'd definitely keep my Agops-14 empire hats and my 22 pasha ride. Other cymbals are only added depending on the playing situation(although the ride is a bit too heavy for jazz, but I'd keep it anyway :) ). They are the core of my cymbal sound.


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This is fairly easy as i only really use 4 cymbals in my set up. Although i have about 10 lying around the studio.

I'd hold onto my Zildjian 14'' Quick Beats, my 18" K Dark Thin Crash and my 22" A Medium Ride.

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I'd hang on to my hi-hats...it's a mixed match pair but they sound great together...

the top is a 14 inch 70's New Beat & the bottom is a paiste 2002 medium heavy hat....they sound magic together.

that & I have a 22 inch Earth Ride from Zildjian that I will be buried with for sure.


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It's not that I can't live without my cymbals. I would keep some set of 14"hi-hat, a 20"ride, and a 17"crash. probably sabian AA
I'd sell my 12" Wuhan splash and my 20" Sabian B8 Medium Ride. I would keep my 20" Zildjian Platinum Medium Ride because they are out of production :[[[ and my 14" Zildjian Edge Max-Hat's because they are also out of production :[[[[